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Extension.- With 1,285,215 km2, Peru is the third largest country in South America, after Brazil and Argentina, thus ranking among the 20 largest countries on the planet. It also has 200 nautical miles and territorial rights over an area of ​​60 million hectares in Antarctica.

Population.- 27,000,000 inhabitants. Urban: 72.3%. Rural: 27.7%. Peru is a country of all


The second city of Perú is sheltered by the majestic Misti volcano, in the foothills of the western Andean mountain range. It is known as Ciudad Blanca (White City) because of its ashlar stone buildings.

It is located in the southeast of the country and is the capital of the department of the same name, covering coastal and highland territories.

Altitude: 2350 meters above sea level

Climate: Temperate and pleasant, with sun almost all day long.


The city of Cusco, ancient capital of the Inca empire, was declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983 and is undoubtedly one of the most recommended destinations.

Cusco has an abrupt relief, combining fertile inter-Andean valleys with imposing mountains and then descends into the jungle, where the temperature rises and the landscape is transformed into varied vegetation.


New World Wonder, this citadel is the main attraction, it is the most valuable jewel of the ancestral architecture of Peru. 

Nestled in the middle of the high jungle is the historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu. There in a place almost inaccessible and surrounded by precipices. Covered with vegetation and bordered by the Urubamba and Vilcanota rivers.

Altitude: more than 2,400 meters above sea level.

Climate: Hot and humid.


Folklore de Altura, for the variety and beauty of its music and dances is the folkloric capital of Perú. The natural beauty that surrounds the city and the archaeological remains of the Tiahuanaco culture stand out. 

It is located in the southern highlands of Peru, in the department of the same name and in the extensive plateau of Collao, on the shores of Lake Titicaca. 

Altitude: 3,827 meters above sea level.

City Lima

Historical, religious, modern and gastronomic city. Lima has more than one facet and more than one name: "City of Kings", "The three times crowned villa", "the capital of Peru". The three times crowned villa", "the capital of Perú". 

Bathed by the Pacific Ocean in a coastal desert region, it is part of the department of Lima, located in the western center of the country.

Altitude: 154 meters above sea level.

Climate: Temperate and humid.

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